Frequently asked questions ...

Am I able to see the design before embroidery starts?
Yes, an initial mock-up design will be sent to you for approval before embroidery starts. Once you approve the design the embroidery process starts and design cannot be changed.

Why do I have to approve my design?
We send your design to you for approval, so you can check that you are happy for it to proceed into production. If your design needs to be changed we can change them before it has been embroidered. You need to check your design THOROUGHLY and tell us immediately of any changes using the contact us page. We ask you for approval to ensure you like your design, but more importantly that you checked that the information, colours and spellings are correct.
If you do not properly check your design and it contains any errors, we will be unable to rectify them once it has been embroidered.

Do you embroider fakes?
No. Please only request a logo or design you have express permission or a licence to reproduce. 

Can I supply my own garments for you to embroider?
We can supply a large range of quality garments specifically designed (some with hidden access panels) and suitable for embroidery. However we understand that you may have a personal item that you would like to have embroidered, you can get in touch with us to see if this is something we are able to help with. 
Please note however if we do undertake to embroider on an item that you supply, we take no responsibility for any potential damage or loss during the embroidery process.

Can I order a sample garment?
We can supply reasonable requests for plain sample garments to potential customers, these items would need to be purchased.   

How long will my order take to be delivered?
We aim to dispatch all orders as quickly as possible, we normally dispatch within 1-2 working days from final approval of the design.
If we think it is going to take longer we will contact you.