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Our keepsakes are not intended for use as toys as they are delicate and designed to be showcased as decorative items. Due to the individual and bespoke composition of each keepsake they cannot be CE/UKCA tested and therefore they are not suitable for persons under 14 years of age.
The wildflowers team do not accept any liability for the misuse of these decorative keepsakes. 

Clothing requirements for bears:

5-7 items of small baby cloths ( 3-6 months, babygrows, etc) 

5-6  items of medium baby clothes ( 6-12 months babygrows, cotton t-shirts, etc.)

5-6  items of large baby clothes (18-24 months, jersey, cotton clothing, etc.)

2-3 items of children's clothing (cardigan, jumper, polo shirt, t-shirt, hoodie, jeans, etc.)

2-3 items of adult clothing (cardigan, jumper, polo shirt, t-shirt, hoodie, jeans, etc.)

  Clothes must be clean and in good condition. Very well worn or holely clothing may affect the finished quality. 

If you have any special requests or instructions these can be added at checkout.

If you would like to place a custom order, please fill out the form below.
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